Home Care Assistance In Miami/Dade

My Experience With Home Care Assistance In Miami/Dade

My grandmother was recently admitted to the hospital. She wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t able to take care of herself as well. Within a few days, she started feeling better, but she was still unable to care for herself. The hospital wanted to release her, but we had to find home care assistance in Miami/Dade to take care of her.

The hospital made a few recommendations about home care assistance companies. They even said they could help us get in contact with one so my grandmother could get a nurse at home. Before we called anywhere, we had to check to see what her insurance would cover, if anything at all.

I made a few phone calls to get more information about what was and wasn’t covered. I got all the information I needed and learned alot about home care assistance and what was covered. They even told me some people choose to hire individuals to take care of their loved ones.

I wasn’t sure what to do or if I should choose a company or individual to take care of her. So, I was talking to a friend of mine that recently went through the same thing with their aunt. She told me who they used and why they choose to go with an individual rather than a company to care for her aunt. She said she had a cousin that offers home care assistance and she works for herself. She said that’s who they used and they used her because she’s family and they knew she would take good care of her aunt. I asked my friend if she was taking any new patients and she said I could call her to see.

I gave my friend’s cousin a call and told her who I was. I told her my friend told me to call to see if she is taking any more patients. I told her how long we would need her daily. She said unfortunately at this time, she didn’t have time because she already had patients that she was caring for. She said if something opens up she would call back.

Then I called the companies the hospital recommended to see what they can do and if they have someone that can be there daily. They were both available to take care of my grandmother so I decided to hire the one I heard lots of things about. They said they could get set up to care for her upon her release from the hospital. This worked out perfect and they have done a great job caring for her so far. I haven’t heard anything from my friend’s cousin so she must be busy with her other patients still.

Finding home care assistance in Miami/Dade was easy. I wish we could have hired my friend’s cousin, but this company has done a wonderful job caring for my grandmother. She is doing well with having someone with her all the time.