The Benefits Of Using An E Cig Australia

The dispute around whether the benefits of e cig Australia are better than tobacco is still at large. Around 9000 studies have been done in regards to this subject and due to funding from companies who are directly involved with manufacturing, these studies have been declared bias. Thanks to research done by The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA), the credibility of above mentioned studies shouldn’t be disregarded.

Vaping has become one of the biggest topics in recent times. It has managed to put huge amounts of pressure on big companies like British American Tobacco to start researching their own electronic cigarettes just to stay in business. In its first study done on e-cigarettes, the CASAA contracted the help of Prof. Igor Burstyn to conduct and supervise the process. He is an environmental and occupational health specialist and retains an adjunct position in the Department of Medicine at Ultrecht University.

Prof. Burstyn was asked to study the previous 9000 observations made on e-cigarettes. According to his findings the chemicals found in both liquid and vapor were too small to be of any concern. He could not find any health risks involved with vaping and stated that no harm can come to those who come into contact with it. Prof. Burstyn paid particular attention to chemicals which raised concern in the first place like ethylene glycol, acrolein, nitrosamines, metals and formaldehyde. He concluded that the amounts used were perfectly safe.

Funding for this study came from donations which mean the results cannot be so easily discarded. The scientific director of CASAA, Carl V. Phillips went on the record stating that even in the worst conditions electronic cigarettes are still much healthier than tobacco. Keep in mind that CASAA is an independent company that strives to keep the public healthy. Considering the 4000 chemicals that go into a conventional cigarette, 50 of which are known to cause cancer, there is simply no logic in comparing vapor with smoke.

Apart from the many health benefits, one has to think about the general advantages. Second-hand smoke is non-existent. There aren’t any nasty smells that stick to clothes and skin. Teeth stains are not even an issue and it costs significantly less than tobacco. Even though there is still some research to be done, there is no evidence to prove that tobacco is in any way better. On the contrary there is more than enough evidence to prove tobacco is very dangerous.

Looking at the study done by Prof. Burstyn it’s safe to assume that lung and throat cancer cannot be associated with vaping. Traditional tobacco attacks every organ in the body whereas vapor doesn’t. Tobacco smokers are often left breathless just by walking up a flight of stairs. It simply doesn’t make sense to argue about this subject. Hardcore smokers who are still pro-tobacco are hanging on to a wishful thread that science might just fall in their favor when in truth it isn’t possible.

The case against e cig Australia is all smoke and mirrors. It’s only a matter of time until tobacco finally burns out.

A Delicious Tea To Help You Lose Weight

Oolong Tea: A Delicious Tea To Help You Lose Weight and Stay Healthy!

Oolong Tea is an ancient Chinese tea produced using a very unique process. To make Oolong Tea leaves are dried under the warm rays of the sun. This causes oxidation which then curls and twists the leaves. The flavor or this special tea is slightly richer and darker depending on the length of time they are allowed to dry.

Generally Oolong tea looks like a small green ball that unfurls as it is infused with hot water.

Where does Oolong come from? The tea you enjoy may have been grown in China in the Wu Yi Mountains. Or perhaps it came from Southern Fiji’s Tie Guan province. Then, again, Taiwan also produces Oolong Tea, particularly the fragrant Pouchong and Dong Ding varieties which are more expensive and highly prized by tea lovers. Vietnam, India, and Darjeeling are other common growth areas.

The various types of Oolong Tea are created by various drying, packing and storage methods. Some varieties are placed on the market for sale almost immediately after they have been packed. Others are allowed to age and develop more complex flavors — which are then usually sold at a greater price.

The various ways the leaves are processed provide different benefits. If you are a true tea lover, perhaps you should experiment with all of the various varieties before you decide upon your favorite. Which ever you choose, you will find both the aroma and taste enchanting!

What type of healthful benefits are derived from Oolong Tea? There are many!

Oolong is well known as an anti-aging agent. It also has important cancer fighting properties; no doubt because the tea is high in antioxidants. Oolong Tea will help keep your heart healthy and reduce your chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

Many use Oolong Tea to reduce wrinkles, eliminate facial lines and remove dark spots on the skin.

Much attention has also been given to Oolong Tea as a weight loss aid. Many feel it increases metabolism, aids in the burning of fat cells and eliminating fat stored in the body.

There are other ways that people use Oolong Tea beneficially. Have you ever taken Oolong Tea capsules? These are made from drying the leaves in a secure process and then grinding them into a powder, which is then placed in capsules. These provide users with a number of healthful benefits and curative properties.

You may purchase Oolong Tea capuses at most health food stores. These capsules are widely sought because they provide a much higher concentration of tea than found in a cup of tea. Also, the capsules are easy to swallow.

There is little doubt that Oolong tea is not just delicious to drink — it also offers a wide range of health benefits.

Isn’t it time you enjoy a satisfying cup of Oolong Tea? Not only will you find it a tasty and refreshing treat, you will also be doing something very good for your body!